It all started...

in the winter of 2014 after buying a 2nd hand water housing from my good friend Stuart Johnson - who's also an ocean photographer and a huge inspiration/mentor.  After my initial attempts (which actually produced some images that I’m still proud of today) shooting in the water, I went back to living my life (work) and nothing eventuated for a few months.  

It wasn’t until I purchased the GoPro that my passion started to fire as it was a bit more manageable to use whilst swimming in the ocean.  Also, the more ocean photographers I started following on Instagram, the more I began to realise that the ocean as a subject was something I could shoot every day and the photos would still vary EVERY-TIME - I love that.  

Now its all about the end result - the PRINT.  Seeing all your hard work developed into something tangible and real is what photography is all about!  The feel and smell of fresh ink on fine art papers triggers the senses and excites me to create more.  When clients purchase a piece of my photographic art its a real honour because I know it will be displayed in THEIR homes (among other prized pieces of home decor) and appreciated in the same way I do - I love that too.

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Nga Mihi